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Pre-shipment steel surveys

Pre-shipment steel surveys

We conduct Pre shipment Steel surveys which is  a very specialized field

It is essential that  our surveyors are instructed to attend the vessel so that advice and assistance can be given to the master and officers regarding the correct clausing of mate’s receipts and bills of lading. Members are asked to get in touch with the Insurers or directly with P&I representatives at, or nearest to, the loading port requesting the appointment of a surveyor. This should be done as earlier as possible before the loading date. As a caution it is noteworthy that  the our  Surveyor needs enough time to survey the cargo before commencement of loading. The length of time needed depends on the quantity of cargo and the number of parcels. As a rough guide, our  surveyors needs one clear day per 15,000mt of cargo.


P&I cover  claims arising out of carriage of the following types of steel cargo is subject to pre-shipment survey:

  • Packed or wrapped steel cargo:
  • Special quality wire rods in coil form; for example, pre-stressing wire, tyre cord, high tensile wire rods. This type of wire rod is usually wrapped in strong waterproofed reinforced material.
  • Cold rolled steel sheeting in coils and packages.
  • Coated steel in coils and packages; for example galvanized, aluminized and paint-coated.
  • Tin plate in steel boxes - also shipped in coils on wooden skids. These products are usually wrapped in plastic coated kraft paper, with an outer layer of steel sheet wrapper. The bundles are then secured with flat metal strapping bands.
  • Packing is designed to protect the products from handling damage and from the atmosphere and to keep bundles together. It is not airtight or watertight.
  • Not packed or wrapped steel cargo:
  • Structural steels; for example beams, angles, flats, channels, reinforcing bars, squares, rounds.
  • Single flat steel plates and bundles of steel plates secured with strapping bands.
  • Hot rolled steel sheeting in coils and bundles, secured with metal strapping bands.
  • Steel slabs, mild steel hot rolled wire rods.