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Engine & Machinery damage surveys

H&M surveys

Hull & Machinery surveys are conducted to investigate instances of damage and repair costs for vessels entered for Hull & Machinery cover.


At CJA our report will include a brief outline of the circumstances and events leading to the casualty, together with details and a description of the extent of the damage and an estimate of repair costs.


Our comprehensive   report will include the following documentation:

  • Master's damage report
  • Chief Engineer's damage report
  • Superintendent's damage report
  • Relevant log book extracts
  • Repairer's/specialist's damage reports
  • Technical information/drawings
  • Relevant classification reports and records
  • Repairer's invoices


Surveyors at CJA will examine repair invoices and give an opinion on whether they relate to the casualty/damage case under consideration and whether they are fair and reasonable. We will also include photographs to illustrate the nature of the damage.