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Warehouse Risk Surveys

Warehouse and Terminal Risk Surveys

At CJA we undertake warehouse and terminal risk surveys. We believe warehouse operations are an integral part of a company's business strategy. Efficient warehouse operations can ensure that a company ships and receives vital stock in time for replenishment on store shelves or in manufacturing facilities. Efficient warehouse operations do not happen by accident, but through adherence to a series of best practices initiatives. The movement of inventory throughout the warehouse should be done by experienced materials handlers with certifications or licenses to operate forklifts and boom lifts.


These materials handlers should be able to move from one section of the warehouse to another with ease due to aisles that are not full of unstored inventory. Inventory that has not been placed in its proper bin or warehouse location can cause problems with inventory systems, especially under a FIFO, or First In, First Out, inventory system. A FIFO system ensures that the inventory that was received yesterday is moved to the shipping dock before the inventory that was received today. This inventory system reduces the chance of obsolete inventory sitting in warehouse bins.


At CJA we advise and make sure the safety of warehouse employees should be paramount on the facility manager's checklist. Aside from providing employees with essential safety gear, management should adhere to the best practice of not permitting horseplay on warehousing equipment.