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Piracy Investigations

Piracy Investigations

Recently there has been a major increase in the number of attacks on vessels by pirates, in particular in the Gulf of Aden, SomaliBasin and the Indian Ocean. Vast areas of waters are affected making it a challenge to prevent maritime piracy incidents. Maritime piracy affects major shipping lanes, and puts at risk the lives of seafarers and merchant seamen from all over the world, of whom hundreds are taken captive each year. Millions of dollars in ransom payments are paid to pirates. It is believed that these payments are divided between the pirates, their leaders and those who finance them.


We at CJA take up the challenge to do thorough investigation collect evidence and to trace these pirates and do out best to curb the menace and danger they cause to the vessels owned by our principals, We are equipped with agile and investigative minds to handle these situations and make well analysed and sound reports in this area and get to the root of the problem at hand, We can work with Interpol on these matters and have the connections to make a headway in our investigations