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Vessel Condition & Pre-purchase Survey

Vessel Condition and Pre Purchase Survey


At CJA we also undertake the task of doing Vessel Condition and Pre Purchase Survey

It is normal for a potential buyer to request for a pre purchase survey of a vessel .We focus on areas where defects are likely to considerably reduce the value of the vessel and even  perhaps require extensive investment to rectify.


The survey report is a factual summary of the inspection in a narrative format . We also use   extensive photographic record and other relevant documentation. The survey takes about 8 hours to complete depending on the size of the vessel it could exceed the hours taken to complete. This includes a short sea trial, inspection of the underwater areas after haul out, topsides, deck and interior structures, spars, machinery and safety equipment.



A  short seatrial  is conducted which provides a basic performance benchmark for the vessels systems and is a cardinal aspect to be considered.  This ensures that the vessel is to the best ability and assessment of the surveyor fit for its journey and also that it can  withstand the challenges of crossing the big oceans.


What are the limitations?

The Owner is responsible for the handling of vessel on sea trials and during haul out and arranging the haul out plus powering up systems that are not operating. The Surveyor will request the owner or his representative to operate machinery in a manner that should demonstrate its current performance. . It is not however possible for us to   inspect or advise on every minor item during this survey. We are however   prepared to focus on the Buyers specific instructions during the inspection and report preparation. Should the Buyer request a more detailed survey this can also be accomplished.


The Report

 The report will direct the client to the status of the vessels safety equipment, major structural, mechanical and electrical items and overall appearance . If requested   we can also assess the  value to be placed on the vessel as it currently stands.