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Road Accident Survey & Land Conveyance Loss prevention

Seaports are very important facilities for a country’s economy because goods—in what can amount to very large quantities—and people come and go through them. Given their position in coastal areas and the great variety of substances handled there, ports (especially those of a certain size) are now considerably complex systems from an environmental point of view. They tend to be associated with water and air pollution and soil contamination, problems related to dust and noise, the generation of waste, dredging operations, movements of ships, lorries and trains, warehouse storage of hazardous substances.


According to a study has been carried out of accidents occurring in seaports. A total of 471 accidents occurring between the beginning of the twentieth century and October 2002 have been analysed.


The results obtained show a significant increase in the frequency of accidents over time:

83% of the accidents occurred in the last 20 years and 59% in the past decade. The most frequent accidents were releases (51%), followed by fires (29%), explosions (17%) and gas operations, storage and process plants also make a large contribution to the total. The various causes of the accidents have also been analysed, as have the type of substance involved and the consequences.


We at CJA have the expertise to produce well analysed road accident reports and also can advise on how to avoid the pitfall in this scenario.


Project Road Transport and Accident Surveys


At CJA we also conduct project road transport and accident surveys. Road Transport is an important aspect for cargo transport which is not just   by sea. For the fuller picture of transportation of cargo road transport is supplementary to sea transport to get to the right destination and we   do include this aspect in our work. We take  extreme care from start to finish  but sometimes accidents are unavoidable as there is no guarantee no matter what precautions we take for the journey to  be 100 % safety proof  so we also are adept in conducting  Accident Surveys  to mitigate loss and for damage control when the unexpected happens. For you reading pleasure,


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