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The Sea does not rest” so to be a top class Marine and Cargo Surveyor it takes zest, gusto, boldness confidence and commitment to meet the challenges of the world of Marine and Cargo Surveying.


At CJA MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD we got what it takes to excel and we have an established proven track record to serve all your needs and requirements.


We are committed and at any given time with a 24/7 schedule as we are here to provide the best of service in the dynamic world of Marine and Cargo Surveying with bases in Singapore, Thailand and World-wide panel of Agents to serve the Marine and Cargo Industry.


We are not afraid no matter how hard the task and operation is required of us to take up to do a 1st class job of our tasks at hand.


Marine Surveying and Cargo Surveying is essential to the Shipping industry. Inspections and reports state the case as to when a damage or loss occurs so that Principals and Consignee are directed as where and how to claim for damages and loss when matters go wrong in transit and also to enhance the situation for loss prevention.


A Marine surveyor ("Hull & Machinery Surveyor" and/or "Cargo Surveyor") is a person who conducts inspections, surveys or examinations of marine vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and the products on them, as well as inspects damage caused to both vessels and cargo.


The basic function of a Marine Cargo Surveyor is to inspect and report on damage to transported goods for insurance purposes.  The wider role, however, also covers the loading and securing of cargoes and inspection of the discharge of cargoes and also risk assessments for transporting and storing cargoes.


CJA’s skills and knowledge underpinning cargo surveying will be useful in a broad range of roles, applications and functions relating to the carriage of goods such as:


  • Loss prevention
  • Cargo planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Claims handling
  • Vessel inspection
  • Cargo handling, stowage and securing
  • Stevedoring
  • Damage assessment
  • Incident investigation
  • Health and safety
  • Ship operations



CJA MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD is today a household name in the Marine Industry in the Asia Pacific Region.


The Company was established in 1999 by Mr Chris D’ Almeida who began his career as a marine and cargo surveyor in 1980 and is today an expert in his field of work  backed with phenomenal experience in  marine cargo surveying work. He has carved a well reputed name as marine cargo surveyor in Singapore and in the Asia Pacific Region partnering him in CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd is the resourceful, robust and energetic Mr C. Rajesh whose portfolio is also of a very highly commendable standard.


The golden thread that runs through the jugular vein of this company is in providing accurate, precise and timely marine cargo surveying services and excellent comprehensible marine cargo reports with a view to fulfill and guarantee satisfaction to the principals who engage us, meeting their every need and requirement. Additionally we complement and supplement our surveying services by providing cargo risk management consultancy which is essential and the lifeblood to all cargo concerns in the industry today. At CJA, we have been active players in the market and we know the name of the game.


The Shipping Industry is fraught with many dangers and is swarmed with a voluminous amount of rules regulations and International Conventions which a competent marine and cargo surveyor must keep abreast and also ensure strict adherence and compliance. We are not only armed with in depth knowledge, we abide by rules and regulations and players in the shipping industry of utmost precision and integrity. We are equipped to handle situations when rough seas cause an untoward happening be it cargo loss cargo damage collision or pollution. Our expertise in the market has earned us an impeccable reputation to handle the seas when calm and to handle the seas when otherwise.


Transportation of Cargo around the globe is a tedious difficult and complex process whether by air, land or sea or all or any of the three named methods. It is invariably true that at any stage of the transit chain cargo will inevitably be exposed to risks such as


  • Physical loss or damage;
  • Cargo crime - e.g. theft/pilferage;
  • Changes in climatic conditions;
  • Political / socio economic conditions of the country of shipment / delivery / transshipment;
  • Natural calamities such as typhoons, etc.


Identification and assessment of the above risks is therefore essential to the development of a cargo risk management strategy which we at CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd are adept and equipped to provide.

To enhance our Company's development in the industry, CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd has a global network of offices around the world. Together with our global network, we work in partnership with our principals to identify, analyse and manage cargo risks through programmes such as risk management consultancy, project cargoes, loading, discharging and damage investigation. 


At any one time we are able to communicate with our associates worldwide and provide assistance to our principals with speed, precision and accomplish a given job or task with the highest degree of professional excellence.


At CJA MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD we provide you with the expertise to calm the seas when something untoward happens and through our competent operations we wish you safety movement and flow as you cross the big oceans with your cargo.


Additionally, all Marine Surveyors at CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd can be tailored to Principal’s individual needs. The majority of the new business that CJA MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD has had over the years has come from current client referrals. This is evidence that we have been “going the extra mile” to deliver the most thorough and professional results, which has been noted and appreciated.


We are reliable and dependable and we produce excellent results.



Given the ever-changing and expanding needs and demands of the cargo / marine surveying industry, CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd is committed to providing first-class quality service to our principals in order to remain competitive in the industry.


Why choose CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd?

We provide a no-nonsense, fuss-free quality service with total commitment to our principals' needs.


Qualified Staff

One of the most important aspects of our Company which we pride ourselves on is our conscious, ongoing effort to equip our Company with qualified and experienced staff to meet the diverse demands of our principals. Our principals are therefore always assured of the competency of our surveyors in the task undertaken.


Should the scope of the survey fall outside the ambit of expertise of our surveyors, our principals will certainly be informed and notified. If necessary, we will engage a surveyor with the appropriate expertise and qualifications from our specially screened and selected panel of surveyors to carry out the task at hand.


As a responsible Company, we stress the point that under no circumstances will we compromise our principals' position by embarking on a survey which falls outside the perimeters of expertise of our surveyors. We certainly do not want a situation whereby our principals' expectations invariably exceed the capabilities of our surveyor. Thus, when a task is assigned and undertaken by us, our principals' confidence in our competency in fulfilling our principals' needs is not of questionable issue.


Excellent Service

We understand that prompt, efficient and cost-effective service is of utmost importance to our principals. Regardless of time, weather conditions or national holidays, we are always ready to render assistance to our principals, who are thus assured of our Company's reliability in our commitment to speedily perform the task undertaken without delay.



At present, we understand that there is no governing body to regulate the quality of surveyors in the marine industry nor are there any standards which surveyors need to adhere to whether in terms of methodology of investigation, report writing, presentation or code of practice. Besides our Company's policy in providing competent and reliable surveyors, CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd prides itself with the on-going vigilance in ensuring that the standards we set must correspond with the far from stagnant marine industry's developments. Most importantly, it is imperative that such standards must be maintained at all times.




  1. Air Freight Shipment
  2. Solid Bulk Cargo and Draft Surveys
  3. Bunker Quantity Surveys
  4. Vessel Condition & Pre-purchase Survey
  5. Containers Survey
  6. Pre-shipment cargo and packing surveys
  7. Pre-shipment steel surveys
  8. Hatch covers inspections and suitability surveys
  9. General Cargo damaged surveys
  10. Reefer Cargo surveys
  11. GA & Fire Investigations
  12. Grounding Incident & Investigations
  13. Collision and Contact with FFO
  14. H&M surveys
  15. Heavy weather damage
  16. Liquid Cargo surveys
  17. Loading & Discharging Surveys
  18. Piracy Investigations
  19. Oil Pollution
  20. Project cargo & Risk Management
  21. Road Accident Survey & Land Conveyance Loss prevention
  22. Warehouse and Terminal Risk Surveys
  23. Towage Approval
  24. Marine Warranty Surveys
  25. Marine Offshore Surveys