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Hatch covers inspections & suitability

Hatch covers inspections and suitability surveys

At CJA we use ultrasonic testing equipment to check the integrity of hatch covers and other hold fittings on bulk and general cargo ships. We carry out audits and assessments of vessel management systems, including ISM and ISPS (International Safety Management Code and International Ship and Port Security.


Hatch Cover Watertight Testing - non destructive methods of water tight inspection using chalk, water or specialist ultrasound equipment, prior to loading and also could be conducted as part of the vessel's technical condition survey.


Suitability Survey - performing of a visual inspection of all the holds internal construction and the ships general condition to ascertain the suitability of the vessel for the intended voyage, noting defects or deficiencies (if any) that would affect the vessel's performance, together with digital photographs of the findings