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Shipyard Risk Surveys

Shipyard Risk Surveys

We conduct Shipyard Risk Surveys  and JH 143 Surveys at CJA


A JH143 survey is intended to provide underwriters with a thorough understanding of the nature of the risk they are insuring, and to provide meaningful risk management and reduction guidance to the yards. JH143 surveys evaluate a yard in terms of the following areas:

• Environmental and Geographical Risks



• General Site Conditions & Housekeeping



• Site Safety



• Yard equipment



• Theft & Personnel



• Emergency Response Plans



• Fire-Fighting Systems



• Permit to Work Systems



• Atmospheric Monitoring and Control of Industrial Gases



• Launching and Sea Trials



• Processes and Procedures



• Quality Assurance/ Quality Control



• Management of subcontractors



• Casualty History



A shipyard’s risk exposure can be broadly divided into two categories:

• That which  the yard is exposed; and


• That  which the vessel under construction is exposed.


Yard Risks

Environmental and Geographical Exposures


The location of a yard takes into account  a number of factors, including the cost of land, proximity to the coast and trade routes, ease of access and distance from industrial support and supply infrastructure. While it may be beneficial to site a yard far up a river, a difficult transit will deter shipowners. In any event, yards located along major rivers can be susceptible   to flooding or storms


In each area, the attending surveyor meets with the yard and owner project teams and collates information. A thorough  physical survey of the site is  conducted to assess the effectiveness of production and safety systems. A letter grade is then assigned to each subject area, which are then combined into a single average letter grade for the entire  yard.