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Project cargo & Risk Management

Project cargo & Risk Management

In difficult economic times, the development of oil and gas terminals, offshore installations, mineral export and processing terminals, port development and Greenfield projects continue. The specialist components for these projects are typically manufactured vast geographical distances away from project sites and need to be shipped to site as project cargo. At CJA we focus on the importance that these high value, often very heavy, oversized and damage susceptible project cargoes arrive at their destination on time and undamaged. This ensures that the end user will realize on time and on budget project execution.


There are a number of stakeholders involved in such specialized project shipments, including: the end user, main contractor, sub-contractors, freight forwarder, insurance broker, lead cargo insurer and cargo surveyors. At CJA we feel that a key consideration for any party engaged in the shipment of high value project cargoes that specialist, independent marine personnel or insurer’s in-house experts are engaged early on in the project schedule to ensure that the end user and insurers interests are protected.


At CJA we take extreme care to do our due diligence to make sure that the risk during transit is, which is most prevalent when an item is being lifted, moved or shipped in an open seaway is taken care of. We opine that it is a real need for all involved in a project to be aware of this and to lower the risk. We have the expertise and boldness to take on tasks like these and accomplish excellence in our delivery.