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Loading & Discharging Surveys

Loading & Discharging Surveys

At CJA We conduct pre shipment surveys

Which includes, CONTAINERS: Pre loading inspection of goods; inspection of goods into containers to verify quality, quantity and condition of consignment, noting stowage of goods. BREAK BULK: Inspection noting condition of goods and/or packaging, measuring goods to obtain volume of cargo.


Loading Surveys

Our inspections generally include supervision of loading to verify method of handling in accordance to manifest and/or client’s instructions, inspection of loading damage. Inspection of stowage and securing on board.


Discharging Surveys

Our inspections generally include inspection prior to discharge, supervision of discharge to verify method of discharge in accordance with manifest and/ or clients' instructions, inspection on discharge for damage.


Cleanliness Inspection

We inspect and certify cleanliness of holds and tanks prior to loading cargo.


Draft Surveys

We obtain draft measurements prior to loading or discharge and after loading or discharge in order to quantify cargo tonnage