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Chris as he is more commonly known by in the Marine Industry is the founder of CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd. A determined, very competent, energetic and dedicated Marine Cargo Surveyor who began his career in 1980 built this company with a strong vision and mission to make it one that would create a mark in the Marine Industry. Today CJA has reached that mark and is well known in the Asia Pacific Region for providing top class services to Principals of outstanding reputation.


Prior to establishing CJA Marine Service Pte Ltd, Chris gained experience in  his surveying career with Tech-Mar Marine Services Pte Ltd (formerly known as Tech-Mar Consultants & Surveyors)  carrying  out cargo surveys for a diversified number of Cargo Underwriters, P&I Clubs, Insurance Agents, Brokers and lawyers.


Having attained a Diploma from the Australian Insurance Institute, Chris' career branched out further to be involved not only in surveying but also included Management of the Insurance / Cargo Division in 1994 with the merger of Tech-Mar Marine Services and OMIC (S) Pte Ltd.

Chris later joined Seawise Maritime Services (Pte) Ltd in 1997, undertaking pre-loading, discharge, outturn surveys of various steel cargoes, G.P. / reefer containers and transshipment cargo. His career developed over time gaining flare and gusto with wide and extensive experience in more in depth cargo surveying and   specializations in steel cargoes and reefer containers and transshipment cargo.


In 1998, he joined Insight Marine Services Pte Ltd as Manager and having gained a wealth of experience he took the bull by the horn and established/ founded CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd a year later.


His extensive career has invariably brought about a plethora of expertise gained through his experiences as well as his extensive travels to Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


Chris' specialised fields of competency includes:-

  • Pre-shipment inspections of heavy equipment;
  • On-hire & off-hire surveys of various types of cranes, machinery and heavy lift equipment;
  • Surveys of an investigative nature, i.e. tracing missing cargo and looking into the cause of the loss and/or damage.


Membership in Professional Societies

Chris is also an Affiliate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.


Cargo survey on board the vessel "ARAL" at Chongjin and Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea:


Chris was privileged to have represented the World Food Programme based in Rome, Italy to ascertain the nature, cause and extent of damage to the cargo of yellow corn in bulk, worth approximately USD 400,000.00 which was found wet prior to discharge.


Before Chris could proceed with the investigation, he had to overcome the socio-political problems inherent within the country. Due to the bureaucracy involved, it took three weeks to process the visa for entry into the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, by which time the subject vessel had completed part discharge in Pyongyang and bound for Chongjin around the Korean Peninsular.


The only possible mode of travel for foreigners was via train to Chongjin since this was the only route and mode of travel permitted by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. However, due to the urgency of the situation and with the aid of a translator as a companion, Chris had managed, albeit with great difficulty, to earn the distinction of possibly being the first foreigner to be granted permission to travel completely cross-country from Pyongyang to Chongjin. The entire journey via land on a land rover took two days with winter temperature of -15°C.


However, Chris' travel experience did not end there. As there was doubt and dispute over the subject cargo's quality, in particular, whether it was fit for human consumption, part of the cargo was distributed and trucked out to the stores and farms in various parts of Nampo and Pyongyang. As a result, Chris was faced with the laborious task of obtaining samplings of the subject cargo for analysis from about 20 various animal farms.


Reefer cargo survey of frozen fish from the vessel "AKADEMIKIS HOHLOVS" at Navotas, Metro Manila, Philippines:


This was yet another challenging task undertaken by Chris. The consignees had alleged that the consignment of frozen fish, estimated to be worth USD 350,000.00, were unfit for human consumption upon discharge and that the carrier should be held responsible for the loss / damaged shipment.


Since the subject cargo had already been discharged and trucked out to the consignee's cold store, Chris' survey was more of an investigative nature. This involved careful scrutiny of the stowage plan, physical defects of both cargo and ambient temperature, handling procedures, temperature charts, data logs, analysis results of the samplings taken and several interviews with various parties involved.


Chris' investigations revealed that the vessel had maintained the required carrying temperature throughout the voyage and that the unsatisfactory condition of the consignment was of a pre-loading nature.

As a result of Chris' thorough investigations, the consignees were advised to refer their claim to their supplier / shipper and the carriers were spared of a hefty claim from the consignees. Chris has a rock solid background in marine cargo surveying and is today rightly so positioned as director of the company he founded. CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd has under the direction of  Chris D’ Almeida made many inroads to the field of Marine Cargo Surveying and continues to contribute positively to the industry in Singapore , Thailand,  Regionally and  at large.


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A robust, extremely resourceful and seasoned surveyor, Rajesh commenced his career in the marine industry as a Deck Officer with Neptune Shipping Management Pte Ltd back in 1989 having served on board foreign-going containers and general cargo vessels as well as product tankers.


He graduated with a Diploma in Nautical Studies from Singapore Polytechnic and achieved his Certificate in Competency (Deck Officer) Class 3, together with Chief Mate Home Trade & Dangerous Cargo Endorsement.


An avid believer that the attainment of knowledge and experience from opportunities for self-improvement is infinite, he recently added to his academic credentials by achieving a Diploma in Marine Surveying with Merit awarded by North West Kent College (UK), which is an Associate College of the University of Greenwich (UK), in conjunction with the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) as well as the National Sea Training Centre (UK).


He had further his studies and took his degree in law with the University of London externally.


Rajesh joined Wisdom Alpha & Associates as a Marine Surveyor in 1995 where his duties included general and container damage surveys. In addition, he has carried out bunker transfer operations on behalf of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to ensure full compliance with DNV and Singapore Standard Bunkering Procedures.


In 1996, he joined Vine Gordon & Union Inspection, Singapore, a division of Relugas Plc as a Cargo / Marine Surveyor which assisted him in advancing his knowledge and expertise.


Amongst the wide-ranging and numerous duties, expertise as well as invaluable exposure was mainly gained in the following areas:-

  • The carrying out of offshore valuation surveys;
  • Towage inspections & operations;
  • P&I Club surveys;
  • On/off hire barge surveys;
  • General & refrigerated cargo & container damage inspections;
  • Pre-discharge hatch surveys of steel cargoes;
  • Attendance at a major salvage operation to monitor cargo operations, including subsequent joint surveys and appraisal (PATRAIKOS II);
  • Bunker surveys and assistance with cargo/chemical contamination investigations.


Rajesh then joined Seawise Maritime Services (Pte) Ltd as a Cargo/Marine Surveyor for three and a half years before unifying with CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd.


In 2004, Rajesh set up CJA Marine Services (Thailand) Co Ltd and his scope of work entail the following:


a)      The management of staff for both Singapore & Thailand including regular training of junior & senior surveyors;

b)      Expert witness in Thai Court which include expert testimony for, safe and unsafe berth, cargo lashings and securement, project cargoes, collision matters as well as reefer transportation

c)      Risk management & loss prevention surveys mainly on project cargoes on behalf cargo interest or freight forwarder. Some of the projects were as follows:-

  • Farmington Project
  • Sahacogen Expansion Project
  • Gulf Yala Green Project
  • PTT 5th Gas Separation Plant
  • BLCP Power project
  • Indorama PTA plant
  • RosevilleEnergyPark
  • Rojana Power
  • Becancour Cogeneration Project
  • Amata Power Expansion Project
  • Air products and Chemicals Inc
  • Ratchaburi Power
    • SCG / MOC Cracker
    • ATC Project
    • PTTPE
    • Shell Motive
    • Angola LNG
    • Glow V
    • Shacogen Lampun
    • PTTAR
    • GULF 7SSP Power
    • Jurong Aromatic
    • K.R. Two Company Ltd (KR2 project)
    • First Korat Wind Co. Ltd (FKW project)
    • NongSeangGulf Power


Membership in Professional Societies

Rajesh is an Associate Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors.



Refrigerated Cargoes & Machineries

Rajesh can not only boast of his vast knowledge and extensive experience in surveying reefer products and machineries whilst with Vine Gordon - Singapore as well as Seawise Maritime Services (Pte) Ltd, but is also officially certified by Maersk Sea-Land for the inspection of reefer containers.


In 1999, he attended a reefer seminar / training course conducted by Maersk Training Centre at Svendborg, Denmark. Amongst the topics explored within the course included:-

  • various aspects of reefer container / cargo inspection & survey;
  • commodity inspection;
  • machinery inspection;
  • temperature profiles and sensor points;
  • P&I concerns and liabilities; and
  • loss control and risk management.


Along with the expertise gained in the inspection of reefer containers, Rajesh also has extensive knowledge of the hazards and diseases which affects perishable goods during shipment.

Grounding of Barge "LIMIN IV" in AnambasIsland, South China Sea

During his employment with Seawise Maritime Services (Pte) Ltd, Rajesh was called upon to represent the interest of two major Underwriters, both based in USA, to undertake the task of ascertaining the cause, nature and extent of damage to the cargoes (oil rig equipment & supplies) laden on board the grounded barge.


What made this particular assignment interesting as well as challenging was not only the remote location of the island where the casualty had taken place but the lack of resources and appropriate equipments in order to carry out the survey itself. Owners of the grounded barge, whom were Indonesians, were not contactable and the barge did not have any P&I cover nor were the same insured with any Hull & Machinery insurers.


Due to the absence of salvos, Rajesh had to undertake the task of a Salvage Master in order to salve the cargoes remaining on board as well as in the waters. Being quite proficient in Bahasa Indonesia, he relied on his ingenuity by engaging the local villagers to assist him in recovering the cargoes on board and in the surrounding waters with whatever tools and facilities available at hand under his supervision.


The entire assignment lasted for almost a month but Rajesh was gratified with the rewarding outcome in managing not only to perform the given task but also in saving more than a total of USD 400,000.00 for both of the Principals concerned.

Grounding of "PATRAIKOS II" in Singapore waters

During his employment under Vine Gordon - Singapore, Rajesh attended on board the "PATRAIKOS II" on behalf of salvos, Smit International, in order to monitor the cargo condition during the salvage operation. The entire survey, together with cargo appraisal along with numerous follow-up and joint surveys was stretched to almost a year. Cargo on board was valued in excess of USD 70 million.