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Company Background

CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd was established in 1999 by Mr. Chris d'Almeida who has been a marine and cargo surveyor since 1980.


The Company's primary focus is in providing top class marine/cargo surveying services with uncompromising standards in order to fulfil our principal's needs and requirements. Complementing our surveying services, we also provide cargo risk management consultancy, an essential and important aspect to all cargo concerns in the industry today.


The safe and efficient transportation of cargo around the world is often a tedious, difficult and complex process, whether by air, land or sea. At almost every stage of the transit chain, it is inevitable that cargo will be exposed to risks such as: -


 Physical loss or damage;
 Cargo crime - e.g. theft/pilferage;
 Changes in climatic conditions;
 Political / socio economic conditions of the country of shipment / delivery / transhipment;
 Natural calamities such as typhoons, etc.


Identification and assessment of the above risks is therefore essential to the development of a cargo risk management strategy which we at CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd are equipped to provide.


In line with the above and in order to further our Company's development in the industry, CJA Marine Services Pte Ltd has a global network of offices around the world. Together with our global network, we strive to work in partnership with our principals to identify, analyse and manage cargo risks through programmes such as risk management consultancy, project cargoes, loading, discharge and damage investigation.